Beaner Princess and the Flower Wars  is the first book in the young adult series following the difficult and sometimes humorous journey of Angelia Zapata as she steps onto the yellow-brick road to adulthood at her elaborate quinceañera and winds her way through the restraint of her brother's Mexican machismo, the thrill of first love, the threat of a violent street gang, and the frustrating search for a place in the world that she can call her own. 

As an illegal immigrant who arrived in America at the age of six, she had no choice in her status, but now she can't imagine living anywhere except America, the only home she's ever known. 

Is there a way for Angelia to become a legal American? Will she be able to find it before the immigration authority or Los Tigres ends that dream forever? Will she betray her family and her faith to save the remains of that dream when everything seems to be lost? 

Follow Angelia as she takes you on a journey into a secret world that can be as beautiful and mysterious as magic, as dangerous and frightening as vampires, but as real as the hearts that beat in all of us.

Heather Michelle Marsh